The Rio 500 console file manager


rio500_tui is a perl wrapper around the rio500 tools library. You can obtain this library at


simply plug in and power on your rio500 then run: rio500_tui

or optionally specify a root directory - rio500_tui ~/mp3

Usage is pretty self explanatory. It is a text based file manager that easily integrates all the lib rio500 tools, except the font functions.

Move around with the 'h', 'j', 'k', 'k', and arrow keys. Use 'Q' to back up a level or cancel out of a selection.

After you have selected all the files to load, press 'Q'. It will initiate a batch transfer of all files that you selected.

* rio500_tui will default to current directory when root is not specified



rio500_tui has three requirements -

rio500 requirements-


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